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Bizzarro OVP problem solved!

Just wanted to post the ending of my hard start problem for anyone else that might run into the same that I did. Just to review, the car was very hard to start when cold, fine when warm. When I checked the fuse on the OVP, it was blown. After I had replaced it with a good fuse, the car would not start at all.
As Gilly had guessed, someone had probably tried to fix the hard start problem by fiddling with the mixture adjustment, but to no avail because the fuse was blown and the car was running in closed loop. I adjusted the mixture screw under the airfilter cover, first one way and then the other until I found which way made a difference. It was a good 3 complete turns out I think from where it should have been at, but now it runs perfectly and was very easy to do. Actually the biggest pain was trying to get the bypass and vacuum hose connected back on the engine while at the same time connecting it to the bottom of the air filter cover. I found that it was actually easier to connect the hose on the airfilter cover first, and then connect the others on the engine, as I had a difficult time trying to push the breather hose onto it's much larger mount for some reason. Thanks for all the help.

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