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Re: w124 euro light and wiper question

Originally posted by dirtysocks
I have an 87 300e. I will be upgrading to euro lights soon. I began by doing a search on this subject but could not find the info I was looking for. Neither of my headlight wipers are currently working, and I was wondering if and how I could leave them off after I switch to the euros. I imagine I will have to buy 2 metal plates w/o holes to go under new lights? Also, I do not want the vacuum adjustment system and switch for the new lights. Is this possible? Is so, how are they then adjusted? I'm trying to keep the car as simple as possible b/c simplicity=less problems. On a side note, I noticed a huge chunk taken out of the grey plastic on my front grill, is there anything I could possibly do to fix this outside of buying a new grill? I doubt there is but just checking.
dirty socks

buy the fascia plates from a 260e.

some hella euros do not come with vac adjuster capability. all bosch units have them.

hooking all this up is optional and requires extra parts.
because this was a factory option, most likely your lights will be way low [aim] when you first fire them up.

unplug your old wipers. you can do this in front of the wiper-washer units.

have you checked/replaced all your fuses? it's not expensive and is a good idea to refresh them.

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