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W124 Broken Front Spring

My 92 300D 2.5 Turbo has been diagnosed with a broken front left spring. I understand that this is quite common for the W124 series. Fortunately, only about 1" or so of the bottom of the spring is gone.

While I wait for my mechanic to give me a quote to replace both of the springs (I'd bet the right one is on it's way too), I'm adding up the cost of doing this job myself.

I'm sure my mechanic will want in the neighborhood of 2 hours plus parts to do both sides. I figure this to be about $350-400.

For somewhat more than that price, I could:

1. Replace the front struts (not leaking, but at 154k it could be time).
2. Replace the ball joints (one is leaking rusty grease).
3. Replace the control arm bushings.
4. Replace the springs.

I figure these parts (plus renting the spring compressor, $75) to be about $600 from online sources. I'll get a machine shop to press in/out the ball joints, assuming they are like the ones on my old w126.

Am I missing any items that should be done?


Chris Blanchard
1992 300D 2.5 Turbo 154k
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