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odd CC mode of failure

Iíve searched extensively without finding this particular mode of failure, so Iíll post.

I just acquired a very nice 88 560SL. PO couldnít tell me much about the carís history. My first Ė and only Ė experience with the CC was on the test drive. When I pushed the lever to accelerate (held up and released for a second) at about 60 mph on level ground, someone ordered full speed ahead, opened the throttle fully, forcing a downshift to 2nd, rpms and speed soared Ė throttle held open - for about 2 seconds. Someone figured out that there was a malfunction of some sort, and the throttle cut out completely, then went back to full throttle for a second or two, back to no throttle. The CC turned itself off as I tapped the brakes.

Does anyone have any experience with this mode of failure? Kind of frightening! No indication that the CC wants to hold current speed, only that an application of full throttle is warranted. Speedo is perfectly smooth at all speeds. I just did the taboo brake bulb replacement Wal ĖMart cheapo bulbs - but I donít personally have any belief that this effects the system in any way.

Any ideas? I have already pulled the troubleshooting info from GDLís site, and will conduct this weekend. Iím a fairly adept electrical troubleshooter Ė 15 years on boats with electrical connectors in engine rooms that are full of very corrosive swarm moist salt air. I must say that 90% of the time the components people think are bad are really not. It is most likely poor contact in connectors, poor conductors (frayed/cracked wires and poor ground), and dirty bus bars or battery posts, so I think that Iíll be looking to do a complete plug/terminal/harness inspection before I remove any component.

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