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I just replaced the front brake pads. In so doing I did move the steering with the engine off; perhaps lost some power steering fluid? When I drive and make a right turn, it is difficult to move the steering wheel. No such problem turning left.

My initial thoughts are that I am low on PS fluid. With no manual, and not being that familair with this motor, I am uncertain of where to check level, and top up.

I followed geer box to what looks like the pump at the front left of compartment. Sitting on top is a reservoir with a screw off top similar to a coffee percolator. Is this it, and where I would check/top it up? With engine cold the reservoir was about half full. The fluid inside looked more like motor oil to me than transmission fluid. The cars owners manual indicates transmission fluid for the power steering.

As a last question, any suggestions on where to get a shop CD for my car?

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