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For the single row early M102 engines, I would change the chain and tensioner at 200,000kms (about 125K-miles), even with good oil changing history. I paid close attention to mine and they were in pretty good shape at 200K, but better safe than sorry.

We did the 190E 2.6 chain and tensioner at 250,000 kilometers, again for peace of mind. It wasn't stretched much, but for about $300 it seemed like cheap insurance.

The single row chain in the US spec M116 3.8L engine needs really frequent changes, but even that doen't seem to work 100%. I've met a few owners that did regular changes only to have the chain break at some ridiculously low mileage. Updating to double row seems the only real solution. Rare to find one that hasn't been updated as time marches on.

On the M111, I'll probably start paying close attention to the chain past 200,000 kilometers. I've seen some M111's at over 250K, all with their original chain, and none making noise. All with good oil/filter histories. Before 250K I'll probably open it up and check the chain, guides, etc. Little engine, short travel, double row, Mobil 1 every 5K-km's...should last a long time.

The M103 seems to have very long chain life despite being a single row. It has a very short length and no major direction changes.
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