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Don't worry. Here you can find more pictures that explain all what you need to know.

I have had to completely fix the solenoid because its coilcore was broken, filtering coolant.

In picture "1" is the solenoid completely disassembled, with its two new o-rings, new coil, new spring and new heavy duty plastic coilcore.
O-rings and steinless steel spring were obtained at homestores.
Plastic coilcore was made with a lathe (taking the broken sample), and coiled in a electrical motor repair shop.
To calculate the amount of wire in the coil, it is necessary to know the wire diameter and its weight. So, if this should be the problem, take all the damaged/unrolled wire with you. Maybe you'll have to unsolder the coilwire extremes from the plug (pic "4B")

In pic "3" you can see the broken coilcore near the new one.
You can use (well, the lathe operator) any hard plastic capable to handle the hot coolant temp to make it. And there are a lot of plastic types.

In pict "2A" is the "hard to find" rubber sealant. If after reassembling your unit you get coolant through it, make your own soft o-ring putting silicone sealant over it, allowing to get dry before reassembling the MV.

Why all this work? (it's not too much). In Chile, where i'm from, a new MV costs about US$ 300, and i did all this for less than US$ 60.

What else?

Hope this will be useful for you guys.
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