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Modern Daimlerchrysler Products

what is wrong with this picture?

i think that the USA is the most lucrative market for daimlerchrysler. yet, those of us in this marketplace do not have the rights that a daimlerchrysler purchaser has in other markets[i.e., the right to tailor the vehicle].

for example, i think that in germany, you could delete that gd lcd screen. as well as a number of other electronic nonsense.


some time ago, in LA, i rented an ML. it had the COMAND[sic] system. SO HORRIBLE. i returned it and took a Lexus LS400 in exchange. it too had a LCD system. i lived with it for a day and a night. god help you if you wanted to change radio stations at night. you had to pull off the road.

i said, BASTA. and returned the Lexus. then i was offered a similar model year lexus without the LCD control system. it was simple and easy to operate archaic technology. what a pleasure.

some months later, returning to LA, i rented a GS400. it was all archaic. what a great car.

at that time, it appeared as if only daimlerchrylser was punishing its aficionados by offering no control option. why is it that i think daimlerchrysler customers of the comand system beg for a DELETE OPTION?

DAMN, but if i was going to be a purchaser of current dc autos, i would not be unless i could delete all the computerized ****.

you know, if dc offered such a delete system of options, i wonder if corporate wouldn't get a hard education.

well, as it is, here is how i vote my delete options key. i shall own and maintain only pre-comand benz products.

until daimlerchrysler gets wise, here is what i have to say....



so it goes.
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