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Found 12point in Lisle Brand

Thanks again for all of the advice. I just wanted to pass along my findings.

I was at Sears but could'nt find the proper tool. On a whim, I stopped at a local Pep Boys and found a set of Lisle 12 point's for $15.00. Included 12, 10, 8, and 6mm I beleive.

They are more of a "thin" design as opposed to a "socket" type so clearance is'nt a problem. They look like ones at one of the above posted websites and have a black "impact type" of style to them.

I usually prefer Snap-on or Mac Tools and I have a few Craftsman pieces which are very good. I"m always concerned about quality especially when doing a job like this so I agree with the above comment about Craftsman. Should the tool break, you could always return it. (of Course Snap-on is the same way.) I did'nt check as to if they could order it or not at Sears but did noticed that they did carry Lisle in "my store" so perhaps that is possible..

Just wanted to add my .02 on the Lisle Brand. Quality seemed to be more than "adequate" for the task.

Also, they are a Hex Drive rather than a Square Drive so In my case, I used a Metric Impact Socket on My 1/2" drive Breaker Bar. (I beleive it was 13 or 14mm). Worked like a charm.

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