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HELP! I need somebody...

I have a problem shutting off my car too. About a month ago I changed the hydraulic accumulators (air cells) on my '82 300TD T and the ride has become much much better! But, on the other hand, ever since doing that repair, my locks have stopped working right (the locks don't budge when the car is cold and it looks like they are trying to open when it's warm, but they never open). Additionaly, the engine won't shut off and I keep using that manual shutoff lever which is embarassing and a hassle.

The locks and shutoff worked right before the repair, and stopped working right after. Either it's a freaky coincidence, or I messed something up. I worked carefully, but one bad thing I did was to clamp the strut hoses to keep them from pouring fluid on my face - my dad later told me that was really bad, but I don't think that could have broken the vacuum system. Maybe I broke the vacuum reservoir as it is right there next to the accumulators... Also, I flushed the hydraulic fluid AFTER the vacuum problem came up. Thanks in advance for all your help!

'82 300TD - 345k miles, 3rd row seat deleted, w126 leather front seats, w126 front brakes, 2.47 final drive, burlwood shifter, electric locks w/ keyless entry, 16x7" wheels
'77 6.9 - getting some engine work done
'75 280S - W124 electric front seats, otherwise stock
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