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PEH I have no idea. I am just relaying what the optima battery guy said to me about charging it. He said they are a different cell technology and charging it could ruin the battery.

But the jump and charge proof is there. My fathers car had been sitting for a few weeks he was out of town, and the battery died. We hooked up the jumper cables, both cars off. The car started instantly with a very short time between when we hooked it up and when it started. It was bone dead. No click from the starter even. and a few seconds of juice and the battery had enough to start the car. Needless to say the car has not had a baterry problem, until he of course leaves town for a few weeks. Then it'll die again. - He's got an alarm that is wired into the whole car, fuel door, windows, sunroof, starting, radio, and doors.

That alarm drains the car, but then again the car is quite old, and it runs on its electrical system. Not to mention that he always has AC and the stereo on. all of which put a heavy load on the car. Even the alternator can't help with that, but he can now drive the car at night with AC and stereo on, without the car dying on him.

In anycase enought about his charging issues. I just thought I would relay the info. you are more than welcome to correct me if I am wrong. I just thought it would be some good info to relay from my battery guy in the case of optima style batteries. If he is wrong then by all means correct me. I would think he knows since he does work with optima batteries all the time.

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