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Control Module?

The idle is controlled by the Idle Speed Control Module. That is what gives the signal to the "air Slide Valve" which sounds like it was replaced. When the Air Slide Valve fails it draws too much current and burns out the Idle Speed Control Module.

The Idle Speed Control Module is also fed inputs by the climate control, fuel pump relay and can't recall what else.

It is probably your Idle Speed Control Module.

I replaced the Air Slide Valve and Idle Speed Control Module and corrected the jumping of idle. I also had some eratic idle after that and it was cleard up by new fuel injectors. It still cycles up and down 600 to 650 RPM or so which could be a slight vacuum leak or something but a couple mechanics think it's excellent. I'm not satisfied until it's perfect.

I doubt it is your valve timing and a new chain may not help at all. How many miles are on your car?
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