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Difficult Tie Rod Removal

I just tried to remove the passenger side tie-rod on my 84 300sd. Using one of the cheap tie-rod end pullers that Autozone rents (which is just a little too wide) I easily removed the outer end. However, my inner end is being quite stubborn and would not come out of the bracket. I used this puller, a forked separator, tapped with a hammer, and used plenty of PB blaster, but no success.

Just to be sure...the inner end is removed the same way as the outer end, correct? No trick procedures? Any suggestions or techniques?

I actually had this inner end replaced a couple years ago and I noticed that it looks significantly different than the other original ends and the new ends. I wonder if it wasn't the right part and the shop forced it in.

Any idea of somewhere that might rent a better puller? (I know the $90 one from PP is good, but I can't spend that much)

P.S. Any idea how you can tell if the steering damper needs replacement?
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