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lynn tassin
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Consider This Before Buying Sl's

Ive had a 380 sl for 3 months now and its only been out of the shop for a period of about 9 days. 1981 with 79k on it. Ive changed all manner of things on it and still does not work. I was so excited to get it and now find myself in the biggest nightmare of my life. It is now at its 3rd dealership and still broken. I have learned the following and I think you should consider this before EVER buying one.

I've talked to 6 sl owners at the dealership while visiting my car. They brag about how much they have spent on their car "THIS MONTH" and seem think its funny. One guys says 'Yeah its usually a few hundred to a few thousand each month, but hey thats just part of the game with these."

I have discovered that these cars are for the wealthy who have not only lots of time for aggravation, but lots of money to spend. Every part they change on this car is a minimum of $500.00

If you are an everyday Joe, DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE. They are unreliable, costly and from the time you sit in it to the time you get out you wonder what will break today. Spare yourself some headaches and lots of money and buy something new. Im not bitter about it,, just tired of all of the expense and aggravation. Dont make the mistake I have made. Its really really not worth it. There is no Quality in these cars
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