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94 E320 questions

I have been driving my new to me 1994 E320 for a week now. I love it. I have 2 questions for the experts here. Is the an adjustment available for the front windows? My driver window only goes up to about 1/2 inch from closed and at that point, the window motor makes a grinding noise.. like stripping gear teeth. The window goes up and down fine except that last 1/2 inch up. I can "pull" the window all the way up with my hands to seal it. Seems like it may be at the end of the gears and ther is no more left to turn on to raise the window that last bit.

the second question is about the check engine light. The mileage tonight turned to 158,600 and my check engine light came on. the engine is running perfect, no idle issues or anything. I tool off tha gas cap and put it back on (saw that ina post on here) and the light is still on. Where should I look ? What commonly causes this? Should I worry if the car is running fine?

All help is much appreciated.
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