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Chasing front end 'clunks'

Chasing front end clunks in ’78 280CE w123 60k miles

Searched ‘clunks’……read most of the threads

Is there a link to a definitive article on front end troubleshooting?

Haynes & Chilton not much help

My 'clunk' comes on corners……........but not on a second or third etc. turn in the same direction……....'clunk' with the next turn in the other direction

Recent wheel bearing repack & adjust to spec with dial gauge when replacing rotors

Seems to have excessive movement when rocking wheel when holding at 12 & 6 o’clock and also pulling on upper section of the steering knuckle

This suggests to me to problem is the inner bushing on the upper control arm or the upper ball joint

My questions …… my thinking correct
..........…… can I distinguish problems with the inner bush of the upper control arm & the upper ball joint

No 'clunks' with braking or going over bumps

Doesn’t appear to be any excessive play in steering

I have a gauge and magnetic stand so can measure excessive play if someone could give me the maximum allowable with regard to the lower ball joint & upper control arm

Thanks in advance for any help………………… judging by some of the long threads on ‘clunks’ I’m sure a concise troubleshooting guide would be of help to many of our forum members

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