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Originally posted by Mercedes Maniac
I am in the prcess of stripping down an 87 244dl volvo, that my daughter recently crashed. The wreckage is worth about a $100, intact. I have salvaged every nut, bolt, component and drivetrain. I have taken a sawsall to the chasis an will be dumping it at a steel recycler. The steel is next to no value. Presently shopping for another volvo "kids car", and will use the spare parts on it. As for the value of your stripped wreckage, it will diminish as parts are pulled off, and you may have to pay to have it hauled away. Excess parts and components can be sold off on ebay, but you will not get the price that you think you should, but a personal set of spares for your next car has great value. My time involved for stripping and chopping the whole car is about 20 hours. What are your plans for the engine? BTW, your may be able to rent an engine hoist.
I'm doing the 420SL engine swap . If it wasn't for a Lexus and a 380SL occupying my garage, i would keep it in my parent's garage and part it out.
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