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Question Replacing A/C Compressor seals

Hi friends. I will like to have some advice about replacing the seals of my 1991 Nippondenso 10PA17C compressor. The system had been running with R-134 for at least 6 years. I have noticed an ~ 12oz./year leak, not detected by the electronic leak detector. I will be changing the system to R12. My plan is to remove the compressor, drain it and replace all the seals with new ones. I understand that I can get the tools at ACKITS for that job. I will flush the condenser, replace the filter/drier, replace all the O-rings, and fill it with R12. How difficult is to replace those seals for a DIY's? Is it true that the R-134 eventually damage the seals? Please advice on this subject. Thank you all.

350SD 1991
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