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When I removed the st wheel on my r129, it used torx screws. I used TORX 25 as the correct size, then the airbag and horn combo came off . Disconnec the battery before pulling the airbag connection, if you don't , it may give your computer an error code which would necessitate a visit to the dealership to clear the code. After this, an allen bolt holds the wheel itself to the streering column. You will be tempted to push against the lock mechanism of the steering wheel to apply force to undo the bolt....DON"T DO IT! You might break the locking mechanism of the column. I suggest to use a pneumatic tool, the one that you use to remove lug bolts with, attach a half inch allen bolt size and unscrew the bolt supporting the wheel so it doesn't apply too much pressure on the locking mechanism. Reverse the process when putting it back . ***The first and last thing you need to do in this procedure is disconnecting and connecting the battery**
Hope this helps

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