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Smile Got the parts

Thank you again Jim for your advice. I went to the local a/C supply and found everything. Yes the seal replacement will work on both the 10PA15 and the 10PA17. I double check and yes mine is a 10PA17C. I also have a supplement of the A/C service manual from MB that specifies that it is a 10PA17C. I need to go back because I forgot the shims, and I need the mineral oil. Maybe you can help me with another topic. I went to the Mercedes parts suppliers to get the driver's side window switch and they ordered the wrong one (passenger's side). Is there a place where I can get a software or a microfiche or a manual of the engine and chasis # parts for the 350SD-1991? If you know some information of where to get this it will be appreciated. It will be ideal if the serious Mercedes owner could get a copy of the software they have at the Mercedes parts place. Thank you again, I will get back when the job is done, although I plan to do it during the holydays.

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