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Manually adjusting fuel pressure in a 300E??

Hello Board,

As a last ditch effort to try and put an end to my car's hesitation problem, I came upon a thread that dealt with removing the EHA and turnig a screw to adjust the fuel pressure. My details are a little sketchy, and I wanted to know if anyone had pictures and/or the specifics on how to adjust the EHA??

My car hesitates from a standstill, but the hestitation is gone above 1500rpm, If I am trying to pass at about 45mph, the hesitation will show up. I am almost certain that this is a fuel pressure problem since I have replaced a lot of parts
-OVP Relay
-Voltage Regulator
-fuel filter
-New Cap
-New Rotor
-New plugs
-New wires
-new vacuum lines
-injector seals
-new injectors
-new radiator
-new thermostat
-new vacuum sensor on top of engine(has 2 vacuum lines coming out of it)
-New coolant temp sensor
-new aux fan temp sensor
-new gas cap
-New fuel sending unit
-Cleaned idle control valve
-new 02 sensor
-fuel mixture was corrected to spec
-cleaned all electrical connections
-new air filter
-replaced #5 and #6 injector
-cleaned throttle plate
-new aux fan
-spent lots of $$$ on Techron
-Spent lots of $$$ on diagnostics

Does anyone know if the 1987 300E has manually adjustable fuel pressure?

If so, can someone provide instructions on how to adjust it?

Its worth a shot to try it.
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