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To update- I was indeed correct, well almost. They marked the car down again last week. Now it is priced at $3960. I said $3995, since it was $6995, then 5995, then 4995.
This seems like a more realistic price for the car. I think I will call about it tomorrow and see if there is any records/history on the car and see if the chain was replaced. It has 127K, so if not- I am sure it is time to change it. I am thinking I may be able to offer them $3500 and they MAY take it. I do not want to offer $3000., because I think that may be insulting. This really looks like the other 560SEL I was considering that was at the Chrysler dealership, claiming it belonged to a doctor and they were selling it for him. At that time- they were asking $5500 for it.
So, if the chain has been replaced, it has records and it runs well- is $3995 a "excellent" deal on this car?
I was considering a 1990 Lexus LS400, with 225K for the same price ($3995.), but it had an occasional miss at idle and the dealer had no intentions of having it repaired- probably because it was something that was going to cost a lot of $$$. I am also considering an array of cars- from a 1993 Honda Accord with 118K to a 1994 Toyota 4-Runner. I am trying to find a good, reliable work car, as my cars are getting very tired. Transmission on the Taurus - which has 245K and the steering parts on the Buick, which as 151K.
Thanks again.
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