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W210 steering wheel install Q

I did the combination switch last night and when I put the wheel back on it did not seem to seat completely. does the wheel go all the way onto the splined hub or is there ~7mm of spline exposed when it's fully seated?

It IS centered and it slid onto the splines easily the on the first try. It seemed to be up against metal when it stopped, but I am surprised that the little circlip on the shaft can withstand the force of the hex bolt.

The 10mm hex bolt that holds it on did not seem to pull it on any further in spite of the 10,000 nm of torque I applied. It does not rub and the horn contact ring is not holding it out - the ring is installed OK (just to be sure I removed the ring and tried it without it - still the same spline showing). I just seem to remember that the wheel didn't show spline when I finally got it off, though by that point I was so glad to crack the bolt loose I failed to pay enough attention.

PS in case any real techs happen to view this, please tell me how many hours the dealer charges if you know offhand so I can gloat. It was a tougher job than I expected after reading the posts I searched on, and I bet the flat rate is at least three hours.

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