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Originally posted by David Speed your thread........lower ball joint sounds like a pain to get apart.........the upper ball joint sounds like it comes apart quite easily in comparison

I'm keen to be sure with my diagnosis before pulling things apart.........the lower ball joint seems to be a more common problem and the test for that seems to be up down movement with a jack/stand under the lower control arm...? Right

Wrong. If the boots are torn (or completely missing as in my case - they had totally deteriorated) they should be replaced. Eventually, they will groan and you can simply bounce the car up and down to hear it, but it will groan around corners, over speed bumps, etc. If your boots aren't in perfect shape, it would be crazy not to replace them while you're in there. It really wasn't that hard to do, I just had to wrestle with removing my old ones. I think it is reasonable to associate clunks with bushings as they allow play when they fail.
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