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Hello everyone,
Please hear my situation and give any input you wish... Since about 2 years ago, I have been having to get my muffler replaced at Midas (lifetime warranty) because it has broken off in back of the rear muffler on trips mostly. They replace it free, but it seems to break off again within a month. Anyway, I was on a trip a while back and it broke off again, and this was a Ansa that they put on too. I was really mad so I just through it away in a dumpster, I couldn't keep it because I was on the road and had no place. SO, I had been driving with no rear muffler for about a month till yesterday when I was driving along the exhaust decides to break right behind the cat converter and also it broke in between the cat and center muffler. This is really bad because now the car sounds REALLY loud and ugly. I am hoping that Midas will give me a rear muffler for free (like always) even though I don't have it to show them. (Should this matter?) I did however make it home with the cat dangling. My center muffler is fine, just broke at both ends. I now have the center muffler and cat in the trunk. Is it ok to drive it to Midas? And, how much should I expect to pay for a cat and center muffler (these don't have a warranty from Midas)I know these guys suck, but to get a free rear muffler I have to keep going back. What do you all think about this? Thanks so much for reading, Scott
Scott Chaffin
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