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ride on w126 560sel?


I'm curious how the car's suppossed to ride like? I've recently got a new "to me" 1987 560SEL. I noticed that the rear end was acting like a pogo stick, so I had a local shop replace both of the accumulators, and they also replaced some type of a "valve"? So after $1000, The ride's better--especially on smooth roads. The car does a great job of muting out small bumps. But once you hit a sharp bump--say a pothole--it seems to translate directly into the car. My BMW 540i (with 40's profile tires and sports suspension) does a much better job of absorbing those bumps. And the sound is pretty bad too, when you hit the big bumps.

Also, I noticed that the left rear of the car is slightly lower than the right.

The mechanic says that the shocks look fine, and are not leaking. Any thoughts on what else needs replacing?

The car has 150K Miles on it.

'87 560 SEL
'97 BMW 540i 6speed
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