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Strange starting prob on 86 300e

This problem arose just last week as I have never had a starting problem on this car in 3 years of owning it. It seems that when the key is put into the start (crank) position nothing at all happens (all lights come on as normal). Voltage readings on the battery (2 years old) during "cranking" is right around 12.7 vdc, so I am ruling out a battery prob. The "key" to this problem lies in the outside temperature (maybe, along with something else) as it never occurs when the ambient temp. is 60 degrees F or above. But, I am thinking it might also have something to do with the transmission interlock, as shifting it from P to the drive settings and back to P got it to start. there something about that transmission interlock that can be temperature affected??? I surely don't want to go thru this all winter, please.
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