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Cooling system loosing pressure?

Here's one for you guys...

My expansion tank needs topping up once a week, though very little (like 250ml to 500ml maybe).

I suspected that coolant was being lost thru the expansion tank overflow hose, so I tied a small piece of cloth at the end and sure enough, later that day, the cloth was wet and the coolant level was a little lower.

Do I have a crappy cap or what???

I am certain that the coolant is lost thru' the overflow hose.

Btw, my car's runs at around 82 deg C, abt 89 deg C in stop-go traffic.Ambient temps where I live are around 32 deg C.

The only time I ever hit 100 deg C was when I blew an aux fan fuse while having a shot electromagnetic clutch in the car at the same time.

Your thoughts, guys...

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