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This focusing is exactly my problem now. I have the drivers side headlamp aimed correctly, and the passenger lamp is fine when the brights are on but when on low beam I can't even tell where it is aimed and it is really dim. What do the three knobs do? I figured out that the middle one does the headlamp? The fog lights are aimed fine.
I'LL POST SOME PICS OF MY CAR AS SOON AS IT STOPS SNOWING HERE IN OKLAHOMA! The weather is really sucking right now. To see my car w/out euro headlights, visit, w/internet explorer.
SHYNE, my experience with Bekkers was wonderful. I didn't online order because I prefer to speak with someone directly but I'm sure they are secure. Everything together w/ shipping for euro headlights with orange signals (I have the clear already) cost me $450. It's worth it though. They smooth out the front of the car so well. Made by Bosch too. Even the box is straight from Mercedes. I received them in 3 days. I would recommend them to anyone. Later everyone, Scott
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