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Any one know the name of this part so I can order it?

1988 300SE

My problem is that the duty cycle on the lamda reading is a constant 20%. I posted a question asking what this fault code meant.

ctaylor738 was kind enough to reply: "Full load switch incorrectly connected or faulty."

Since I had no idea what this item was he was once again kind enought to explain: "It's on the front outside of the air sensor assembly just above the intake manifold. I think it is black plastic and it has wiring that runs to a connector just to the outside of the idle valve. It's function is to tell the brain whether the system is at full throttle or idle or something in between. I believe that its main function is so that the EHA can go to "full enrich" at full throttle."

Of course I still can't find the thing. But, I figured, since this could be my rich running problem, I'd buy a new one and install it. Since I'd have the new one in hand, I hoped finding the old one one the car would be easier.

My problem is, no one seems to know what it is I'm trying to order. Does this part have another name? A strange situation that I'm in, trying to spend money but can't find anyone to take it!

Thanks for any help,
Ron Brooks
Ron Brooks
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