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We had a 1997 528iA that I sold to my neighbour. She's a "Mom taxi service" that really loads miles on. The car only had about 41,000kms when I sold it, and she's at over 160K in just over two years.

It's held up well, though there are some gaffs. She's had some tranny trouble, but it was covered under warranty. It cropped up just ONE WEEK before the factory warranty expired. Close shave. The new autobox seems to be holding up.

The seat heater switch broke in the "on" position, and that wasn't too expensive.

Many people also think it's a new car, but there are some cosmetic problems when you get close enough. I am PO'd at the rock chips on my hood until I see her BMW. Maybe she tailgates, maybe it's easily chipped paint, who knows.

She loves the car and plans to drive it for many more klicks. It's a risk selling a car to a friend, but this worked out well.
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