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Bizarre problem with 560 SEL rear seat switches

My rear passenger window regulator broke. Local dealer repaired it. Now, I have a new bizarre problem.

Both rear windows work, but rear passenger seat does not heat, and I can't adjust the seat from either the passenger or driver's side. Furthermore, the switch that operates the passenger side heated seat indicates "on" at all times although the seat does not heat. This light will go out when I hold in the seat adjustment switch on the driver's side. It seems like a weird electrical gremlin to me, but I would like your perspective(s).

My first inclination is to return to the dealer and have them fix it, but they had to keep my car overnight because they got caught up in other work. Plus, when I got it back it was in the shape described above. I don't know how much faith I should have in them.


90 560 SEL 155,000
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