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Lightbulb Check engine light

Hello everyone, I am back again with another problem on my wife's 1994 E-420. Now every 3 or 4 days the check engine light comes on. I reset the computer with the push button and the only number that seems to flash is the # 4 it will flash about 25 times. I hold the PB in for about 20 seconds to delete the code and then it finally stops flashing. She will drive the car for about 2 to 3 day's with no problem and then the check engine light comes on again?? How do I get a list of the engine codes, and where do I get them.I am also tryoing to get a technical repair manual for this E-420 and do not know where to get a hold of one, any suggestions from anyone. Thanks again for any and all help from everyone, and I am sorry to be a pain, but my wife loves this car and I am trying my best to get it going right, Can't afford the high repair bills it will entail at a dealer and will try and keep it going myself. Thanks again. Ben
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