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Whitcre, which model do you have? The 124 series was produced from 1985 (we saw them as model year 1986) to 1995. MB is not the only company to use an internal letter or numbering system. The Camaros and Firebirds are "F-body" cars. What makes it easy for ordering parts on a Benz is most of them are the same within a given series. For example the headlight assy. on a 300E is the same as the 300TE, 300D, 300TD, 400E etc. Unlike most car companies, the sales model designation on a Benz is dependant on the engine under the hood. Most other parts are interchangable.
So alot of times you will see people referring to the chassis number in a discussion because the issue they are talking about is common to that chassis (body style). Engine/transmission specific question get split up between gasoline (Tech forum) and diesels (Diesel forum).
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