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pushing 300e

just wondering if anyone could give me information on this car I bouught recently, 92 3ooe 3.0 with 150k this will be my daily driver after I sell both my cars. I am a honda technician working on hondas all day, the mercedes amazes me at just about everything, its solid,handles well and braking is tight. I had a 300e which I bought from my uncle 6 mos ago for a good price which needed a head gasket done, 2 days after I finished ,te car was totalled,my intentions where to sell the car after the headwork was done, but ended up loving it! so decide to buy another one.what parts to replace or what should I look for a car this age from preventing it to shutdown completely in traffic. I know it has a failsafe mode, feel like I cant push this car in traffic! problems found so far visually are,the obvious headgasket, atf cooler lines, steering box,flex disc,leaking rear main,rear shocks,belt tensioner,belt,pulleys,etc. the list goes on!I've ordered the cds online, any information would be appriciated,thanks!
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