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Question 1995 Euro E220

I am considering buying this car which has 133,000kms on the clock. Its in Australia. Outside it looks particularly good, paintwork has only a few scratches otherwise well kept. Inside looks also well kept except for a stain on one door wood panel and cracks in the centre armrest edging. They say it has leather, but I can see its leather look MBtex. The engine sounds and runs turbine smooth from the front with the hood up and from inside too. I haven't test driven it, but I am impressed. Asking price is A$26999. Should I insist on an expert's thorough checkup to see if its throwing any hidden fault codes and what they cost to fix? Apart from this, should I have the rotors, brakes, trans, aircon, suspension and muffler checked? I cannot find any faults with it being an owner of only one Benz so far( a C180 1994). Many of the older W124s have been ditched due to the nicer, sportier new shape of 1996 onwards and the current models too. I find this model a bit too squarish and the front headlights very humungous. Any comments and advice form the experts and current and previous owners???
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