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Hello again to all...

Well I would like to thank those who helped. I was able to fix the problem. First I went ahead and replaced the Lockout switch on the console (bought it at the dealer for $12). I really thought this wasn't the culprit but I replaced anyway. I
started with the rear right passenger window and opened the door panel. Upon investigating all the wires, I realized that the the green and black wires that led to the plastic connector to the switch was not installed. So I put the green and black to the connector and "voila" it worked.
This morning I started on the rear left passenger window. I tried to see if the same problem that I had for the other window was causing the failure here. All wires were in the right place. OK. I moved to inspect the the wires at every possible connection. As I inspected the wires at the door jamb. I realized that there was a break on the blue wire. I didn't notice this at first because the break was underneath. I had to pull the wire right out of the jamb. I stripped the wires and connected them to see if the windows worked and , you guessed it "voila again" windows went up and down. I plan on soldering the wires together before putting everything back to order.

I did it....Nobody's gonna be chucking in the back of my car....well not anytime soon at least.

Thanks alot for all the input. You guys are great. I certainly have saved plenty of $$$ by doing this myself. I couldn't imagine what my mechanic would've charged for this.

Million thanks again and Happy Holidays to all!!!!!

1986 300E
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