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Fiber Optic Phone installation Question..

OK, I've hooked up all of the hardware in the left side of the trunk... and, now I'm trying to configure the fiber optic ring so that my car will see the phone as opposed to the "NO PHONE" thing I've got going on right now when I try and select the phone on the radio.

Ok, I got back there and saw the fiber optic cable w/ the inline clips. If it is clipped together you have a connection, right? The a cable market telephone was connected to one marked in initials, I think it is the same name as the VRec cable that is on the left side of the trunk that goes into VR module. The other telephone cable was also run into the other VR fiber optic cable. The "in" into the "out" of the other and vice versa. The fiber optic connection for the CD player was also back there. Do you know where I can find out how those are supposed to be hooked up?
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