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Leave the hood attached

280c, referrancing the Mercedes Benz Service Manual, Engine 103(this should apply to your application as well). I'm sorry I was so vague on the hole or lift height. Page 01.1101-03/15. Dimension "a" approx 30 cm. This is the height of the wheels contact surface above the ground/floor. Your drive on stands may work. Remember the rear has to be raised as well. The illustration in the Manual shows the rear of the tranny being held up by a hydraulic floor jack after the cross member and drive shaft have been removed. As you lift the engine you lower the rear of the transmission. Repeating lift, lower until you have enough height to clear the fire wall. As you can see you will need a lift chain that allow your lift point to change it's position for and aft as you lift. Before this you must unbolt the refer compressor and pull aside, remove the radiator and all the other stuff. I don't know where all of the other submitted numbers came from, but these are from the M/B Manual. Happy Trails Beep Beep from Houston.


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