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Thanks for the info

Well, it wasn't what I wanted to hear, but thanks. I still think it was better than having a collision. As of now, I am able to drive the car. I took it to a local shop yesterday, and they tried to correct it as best as they could. However, they did not really inspect all of the other parts. I took a good look at it, and I did not see any other damage. It was a low speed slide into the curb. I thought I avoided doing any damage to the components. I only saw the rash on the rim. Then when I drove it, I realized that the steering wheel was turned half way while the car was traveling straight. I am taking it to a Benz repair shop tomorrow to get the full list of damages. I am trying to avoide filing a claim since my insurance will increase far beyond the damage that is done. Sometmes I can't understand why I have insurance. I wind up paying for the damage anyway. The only difference is I get to pay it on a payment plan. I just don't want to get dropped, especially after getting a speeding ticket for 121 this summer. I'm sure my insurance will not appreciate the two incidents within a few months. Again thanks for the help. If anyone else can tell me what to look for as far as other damage, I would appreciate the help.

Happy snow removal to the people in the north,
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