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glow plugs - pop went the fuse

'78 300 d. I decided to switch the glow plugs back to the pencil type that came in the car - not the motor, since it is a different one than what I started with, but the car is the same. when I got the car it had stickers that said that it had been converted to fast glow.
I checked my plugs by just putting some current to them. Four are good, and one is not. The old motor started well with this set up, four of the plugs all I could find a couple years ago when I needed new ones (large thread for the plugs, not the even more updated smaller thread) .
AAAnyways, I put the new pencil type in place of the old loop type, put everything back together, got in and turned the key. The glow light came on dimmer than normal and even with the doors closed, there was an audible pop as the light went right out. The pop was the fuse on the firewall burning up. I got the exact same result with another fuse. (well maybe it just works way too well)

Obviously the new plugs are drawing way too much current. What do I check or change? The plugs are wired in a string with the original jumper wires as far as I know the arrangement is just like it used to be but it does not work now.
Would the shop that did the motor swap have needed to change anything in the car to make the loop type plugs in the replacement motor work?
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