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We just bought a 91 190E 2.6. It is an ivory color with fairly decent interior. The
Alpine works and so does everything. All service records and what not. Paid $9000
for it. Same features as yours. The stock Alpine does not have the CD changer but I
put in an Alpine 620 Changer in it. It costs $1000 for the OEM unit. Paid $260 for
mine plus $75 to run the wire to the head unit. Tires with plenty of tread in them.
Head work done a couple of years ago so that takes care of the head and valve
stem seals. Only problem I noticed with it was it starts and stalls a couple of times
before it gets going. Fixed the Lamda Control (Fuel mixture at idle was too lean) and
all is fine. Cost me around $150. That includes cap for windshield washer fluid and
fader control. While fixing the Lamda control, they checked the valves which were
still clean and broke my thermostat housing which is made of plastic and is now
brittle. They replaced it for free with a aluminum one
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