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Why is my car a clock? or does it have a beating cardiologist needed?

Here is the deal.

when stopped with the engine running (regardless if I am in gear or not), I can hear a tikcing a clock......which seems to be coming from somewhere behind the center A/C vents or behind the radio...(ya know that the middle)...

When I put my hand on that area...I can feel it pulsating as it ticks...

It is a tick that comes on every 5 seconds ONLY when my A/C or heater is on (and both work A okay....actually the A/C is more like a freezer, and the heater...will get you sweating)....

Very weird thing!!..

My car is a 1996 C220, 74K miles.

I would appreciate any matter how weird they are...they will not be weirder than the problem itself.
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