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Thumbs up Passed!!!!

OK guys, I did a re-test and passed. I did three things to get myself over the hump on this...#1. I took out my spark plugs and cleaned them with a file. It had to have a slightly cleaner spark, correct? #2. I put a bottle of "CRC Pass or double your money back" injection system cleaner into my gas tank as per their instructions. #3. I managed the test by keeping my revs up prior to the actual 15 and 25 MPH dyno tests. This kept my catalytic converter hot which burned up those hydrocarbons that bit me in the butt during my first test. And the result? In my first test I had a reading of 121 for HC but the maximum allowed was 110. On my second test my HC reading an easy 82. So the old 300E passed with flying colors and I didn't have to spend money on expensive repairs!! Thanks to all for their contributuions to this thread as it was a lifesaver.
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