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Thanks for the info...

When I went to my car this afternoon, I found that the seat-belt indicator was flashing even when the car was off. I opened and closed each door and found that when I opened the front passenger-side door, the flashing stopped. Later, at home, I pulled the switch and tried to determine if the dome light was reacting to this switch as well, but it didn't seem to.

I disassembled the switch and saw that the contacts are nothing more than plastic with a metallic coating, which is worn. Time for a new switch I guess (or maybe 4). For now, I by-passed the switch so it appears that the door is always open. This stopped the seat-belt indicator from flashing when the car is off, but it still flashes when it's on. Of course, the dome light stays on all the time, but that switch is now in the off position.

I'm not 100% convinced that it's just the switch causing everything because I think an open door would cause the flashing instead of stopping it. But, since the flashing definitely reacted to that switch, I'll start with that and follow-up if it doesn't fix it.


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