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300CE Engine on it's last legs

My 300CE is dying (I think). First, I noticed the oil pressure was lower (2.5 bar during highway driving versus pegged, 1 bar at idle and 0 when idling and on drive), and then I've been losing water (no leak detected). It's been running rather erratic, like having no power during acceleration and then all of a sudden gaining it back (although this sounds like a tranny issue). Last night I noticed an usual amount of smoke coming out of my exhaust but when I pulled over, it was gone. There was also a loud thud when I started the car, but it didn't repeat. I looked at my oil and it didn't look milky.

I suspect I have a blown head gasket or a cracked head (seems usual for this car, right?). Now I have to figure out what to do next:
1) buy a replacement engine
2) rebuild what I have now.

Cost will be the overwhelming factor in my decision.
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