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You also might check your state laws on safety equipment. In the Peoples Republic of California, There is a requirement for mandatory (but not necessarily listed)extended warranty on emission and safety equipment that goes way beyond what the factory says they offer, and there are state agencies (Automotive repair, consumer safety, Atmospheric Quality, etc.) that live to go after companies.
It may or may not help.
That is one of the reasons Acura finally replaced our seat belts. On the other hand, our friend asked for everything necessary that could possibly be a problem to be fixed on her BMW 1000 miles before it ran out of warranty. They did all the maintenance, and 500 miles out of warranty her timing belt failed 9500 miles early. After all the shouting and dealer/manufacturers reps and state agencies, the bottom line was "will you be using cash or credit card on the new engine?". The modern definition of Fair seems to be "the first 4 letters in Fairy Tale".

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