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SRS Light & Windshield Wiper Glitch

HELP!! Today, twice after a long, soaking rain, the windshield wiper on my 96 E320 would not initially work but after leaving in on for about a minute, it started working. The first time was right after I started the car - the radio was on and when I turned on the wiper, the radio stopped working. The second time (a couple of hours later) the radio use was not impacted. Both times the SRS flashed for a couple a seconds after the wiper started working and, once working, no further problem.
A search of this site suggests a possible bad relay (based on 124 cars) - is this something that would be confirmed by downloading the codes or are there other tests I can/should perform beforehand.
This is the first problem, of any type with this car - only 43K miles, and very well maintained prior to my purchase a couple of months ago. Although the car came with a transferable warranty (from Ford - go figure) good for about 18 mos and 15K, I've been reluctant to spend the $100 transfer fee give the deductable involved.
Bottom line: I enjoy fixing my own cars and would like to continue with this one. Any help will be appreciated.
Cheers, Denny
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