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Cool Need your help/advise

Questions to the forum;

What happens to the thermostat or water pump if left for a day or two with out coolant/fluid?

Last night in order to get more room to work in my car (95 E320 63 K miles) I disconnected the water hose from the top of radiator to thermostat, and one other hose, with the loss of some coolant. I will not finish the job which involves changing the belt, belt tensioner, and tensioning shock for two more days. A friend suggested that I should change the thermostat because he felt that they are not supposed to be without fluid for more than an hour. Is that true?

In the same vein, I manage to take off the belt, belt tensioner and shock without taking the fan off, I do not have one of those especial tools that grasp the back of the fan pulley. Is there another way/technique to take the fan/fan clutch with out this tool?

I was worry enough last night that this morning I called Phil (from Fast Lane) and ordered a new thermostat it should be at my house by tomorrow I hope.

I would like to hear your comments and suggestions in these two things.

Many thanks in advance

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