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300TE Noisy valves

Over the past year, my engine has started to produce some valve chatter. First it would occur only when first started, then it started to last longer into the warmup period.

Then I got into the habit of adding a half quart of Mystery Oil to the crankcase, and the chattering is much better. Now I only get valve chatter at temps below 30F, and it goes away as soon as the engine is warm enough that the heater blower kicks in.

Will I suffer valve/engine damage if I wait a little while to have the valves adjusted? What is recommended valve adjustment interval on these 106 engines? 300E/300TE inline six

I don't know when it was done last. I bought the car with 153k miles on it.

Thanks ~
1990 300TE
210k miles
Engine: 103.983
Chassis: 124.090
17/27 mpg
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